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VodiaPhone/3.5.5 Desktop Windows: barge in into call not available


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Hi, I'm having trouble to barge in into call session using desktop app interface. i didn't see any option available to barge into call through the application. before this, if i'm not mistaken, there will be options for that when clicking at ongoing call session within the domain. i am able to barge in using star code *81(ext) through ip phone and desktop app (means i need to dial in the code), so i'm pretty sure the setting is already correct. Is there some kind of limitation for that function of i need to change other settings to enable it.

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On 4/30/2022 at 4:37 AM, Vodia PBX said:

Apart from that you can always just use the star code like you would do from the desktop phone.

the key point for my initial question is to find method to barge into a call through vodia app (click on the active call in domain, and select option to barge in). i already able to barge in using star code

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