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Set call forwarding at a trunk level


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PBX V68.0.12

Is it possible to set manual call forwarding to specific numbers at the trunk level?

What I am looking to do is have a standard inbound route to a ring group/queue, and if required to have an option to forward those inbound calls to mobile that is entered as part of the forward process similar to *71.


On a similar note, I have noticed on my Grandstream DP752 cordless, that setting call forward (*71) doubles the digits - e.g. forward to 123 is set to 112233.  Doing this on the iphone app seems to be generally ok, but can miss inputs - you need to listen carefully to the digit read out.  You can obviously type in the call forward in the Windows app but not dial it - you get the prompt but nothing is processed?

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There is always the expert mode for routing calls, based on a list of extended regular expressions. Set the "Destination for incoming calls" in the trunk to something like !6171234567!100!f 200 which would mean if the caller-ID (f flag to the rescue) matches 6171234567, route the call to 100, otherwise send everything to 200. Instead of routing based on the From-header you can also route based on the Request-URI (which is actually the default) or the To-header. This way you could break out special numbers. However you could as well just assign DID numbers to the accounts without the need to use extended regular expressions. 

Some devices, including Grandstream, intercept the star codes and to their own stuff with it. That might happen with the *71.

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Thanks.  But I am looking for an option to manually set a forward to a number on request.  i.e. while the normal inbound calls ring group/queue.  There are times we want the inbound to go to a mobile instead. This would need to be done at the trunk, and by someone that does not have admin to the PBX.

"including Grandstream, intercept the star codes and to their own stuff with it. That might happen with the *71."  -- The Grandstream UCM uses *71 to call forward as well so I would think unlikely?  It's like it is detected echo DTMF?  The iPhone app also seemed to miss digits, you need to type it reasonably slowly.


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If you need time-based redirection, you should use a service flag. For example, you could put it on a BLF for simple control or make it time-based. The redirection in the trunk would not be able to do that, the call has to hit an account first. Queues, ring groups and also extensions are able to redirect calls based on service flags, so that should get you close to where you want to be. 

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