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Call Park Issue 68.0.14


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I was testing the latest release and i believe i found a small issue with call parks that involve multiple registrations.

In older version 66/67/early 68 this wasn't noticed or i wasn't able to replicate it.


Summary of issue: When two phones share the same extension and both are on a call at the same time, when one of the phones parks their call, it will instead drop one of the calls and then park the other call.


Some clients like to have multiple registrations on the same phone so they don't have to remember, worry, or care about hunt groups or multiple extensions. These are the type of clients that absolutely loved shared line features but have been migrated to park orbits. It seems that the latest version has a negative interaction with extensions that have multiple registrations and using the call park feature.

There are two main methods of call parking that i tested. 1. *85 | 2. Transfer call into the parking orbit.

I've tested both and it produced the same error with minor variation. Whenever a call park is initiated by either of the phones, at least one of the calls will drop, while the other will be parked. It is odd that transferring into a park orbit would have a negative interaction and at first i thought it was maybe a phone compatibility issue. But i tested this on older 3xx Snoms, newer 7xx Snoms, different Yealink models, and all produced the same error. I haven't tested it with soft phones but i doubt that would be the answer on how to resolve this type of bug.

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