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Android phone and mobile network issue.

James E

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Hi there,

Myself and my work colleagues have Android phones running software version 12 and the latest version of Vodia app.

When we are  connected to our mobile network(Telstra in Australia) and pickup or make calls the phone connection is silent, we can't hear the person on the line and they are unable to hear us.

Any help would be fantastic as without wifi our phone system useless when on the road.

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The problem is that according to the RFC it is totally fine that the codecs for the different directions are not the same. You can try an internal call, and if it fine this might be a trunk problem. Many SIP trunks have problems with different codecs on send and receive. On the trunk side there is a setting "Number of codecs in SDP answer" — set it to 1 so that it is always clear what codec to use. Or force it to a specific codec, e.g. PCMU.

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