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Call transfer to Call Queue


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I am needing an easy way to transfer calls from either an extension or queue to a different queue from the softphone. Currently when transferring a call from within the softphone I can drag the call to a user on the left hand side and it will send it directly to them. However, I have a situation where all calls need to have whisper, listen, barge in functionality for a big sales floor. And these features are only available if a call is within a call queue. Because of this I have a call queue for each individual salesman that the managers can then click on and do these functions for a call that they have. I am basically treating the individual queues as the users actual extension. Is there a way to make this work within the softphone to have drag and drop call transfer to a queue as well? Or another easy way to possibly transfer the call while still having whisper, listen, barge in functions for the managers when it is sent back and forth to the salesman?

PBX version is 68.0.16

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