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Call Queues - ringing all extensions

Brett Morey

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I have a client who wants to use call queues but also wants an incoming call to ring all the extensions at the same time, the issue I am having is the customer does not have people sitting at each location to answer the calls so the phones are just ringing and ringing and the patient never reaches the call queue to say - "Thank you for calling... please hold".     I am looking for ideas on how to handle the call flow like the client wants maybe using Ring groups with stages?   I am looking to have the calls come in and if not answered move to the call queue on hold until one of the extensions can pickup the call.   It looks like the way to accomplish this is that the client has to pick what extensions have representatives at them and have the system ring those extensions only, so when all of those extensions are busy the customer moves to the Call queue with the on hold message.


Thank you


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Well there are many ways to deal with this. 

One idea would be to first send the call to an auto attendant where you can play an announcement and then after a timeout redirect into the queue. In the queue, you can add agents in stages, probably just random, until eventually someone picks up. If the caller knows he extension number, she can enter it in the auto attendant without having to wait for the queue.

The other idea would be send the call straight to the queue and use the prompt 0 (which is always played). 

You could also use a IVR node before the queue, but you probably don't need that complexity.

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