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Change view? Widen the Calls in domain to show more information? Improve WAC responsiveness?


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Three questions in one!

  1. Is there a way to change what is shown on the Home page of the WAC? I know we can add columns on the left but what about moving the current calls to the middle section or adding in Queues to the Home so it's not just one or the other? While monitoring queues, I can't see the calls in domain. When I am on the Home page, I can't see the queues.
  2. Can we show more information in the calls in domain? I only see two widget things of then inbound and the extension. How about time on call, CNAM, etc.?
  3. I am using the Windows "store" app, and it lags behind what is actually happening. I have to use the reload to see real-time status. I have tried the browser portal and it was worse.

Thank you.

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