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GXP21XX phone templates


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There is a grandstream-gxp2130.xml and a grandstream-gxp21XX.xml template.  The GXP 21XX phones seem to ignore the 21XX template and follow the 2130 template.  I have tried this with only the 21XX being available and no changes are picked up, they only detect the 2130 template.  This is only really an issue if you need to specify any model specific settings - eg: firmware.

I have had to add below to the 2130 template so I can specify firmware options per model.

{if model == "gxp2100"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2100}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2110"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2110}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2120"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2120}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2124"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2124}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2130"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2130}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2135"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2135}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2140"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2140}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2160"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2160}</P192>{fi}
{if model == "gxp2170"}<P192>{parameter grandstream-firmware-gxp2170}</P192>{fi}

The case in point is that I have GXP2135's and GXP2170's with clients.  I also have a GXP2130 with a client that has issues with managing 3 accounts on firmware - the main account stays up, the other 2 bounce up and down, but seems ok and solid on  ... however, changing the path for GXP2130 then updated all the other GXP series phones.  

Can the GXP21XX template be removed and the 2130 be renamed to 21XX?

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