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Corrupted Recorded Audio Files in PBX directories.


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I'm posting this issue here as i really need help in figuring out the cause of this issue. PBX version is 68.0.18, installed in Debian 10.

the problem expected to start when a user reported that there are missed calls dated on 1/1/1970 in the vodia desktop app. At that time we though it was just a callback made by the PBX for each missed calls since the log entries seemingly match with the missed calls that happened during that day. I never check the recording files in the server at this point, but the recorded calls start to corrupt on the same day user noticed the weird missed call on 1/1/1970. The problem was expected to be solved by upgrading the system to latest version which is .26. 2 weeks later i try to update the system but the process failed. I had tried to install from version .20 until .26, but all were unsuccessful. The process is stuck at (4/6) then it shows the update is failed. Then I restart the pbx service in the hoping the update will be successful after that. Suddenly the service stopped and unable to restart from the server itself. The whole pbx was down and cannot be access through url anymore. 

i decided to do fresh installation of vodia in the server and backup the old directories. 


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Please make sure that your PBX has file system access permission and also your file system has enough space available for the PBX process. 1970 means that there is actually no (valid) timestamp, and the record is probably missing in the file system.

Generally speaking if there is anything screwed up with the file system, chaos will break out. It is similar e.g. if files are missing or corrupted with for your MySQL database. You want to avoid that. 

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