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No push notification on incoming call


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Good morning all,

I noticed since a few days ago we don't get any push notification when we get an incoming call on the app.

Anyone experience this?

I found this on the logs: HTTP Certificate for push-eu.vodia.net could not be verified

Same happens for the push.vodia.net server.

When you have the app open it rings fine but when it is in the background or you close it, nothing.

Edit: Running iOS 16.2, App 1.21 and server 68.0.26 (latest)

Edit 2: Just tested with a colleague that has an Android phone and same issue.

Kind regards,


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Good morning,

I've tried that already.

I even manually deleted them from the folder and reset.

Still the same issue.

I've tried to renew the Letsencrypt certificate that we use for the PBX and got the same issue.

HTTP Certificate for acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org could not be verified

Kind regards,

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