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Yealink W73P provisioning


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We ordered a new batch of Yealink W73P DECT phones,. Tried to register few of those on hosted version 68.0.14. via MAC address. None of them, three, could register. I read in their release notes that they now support TLS 1.3. I am wondering if that is the case and if there is any way to forced to use TLS 1.2. They have a field for it but I don't know where will I change that on the PBX?

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I doubt that the TLS version is the issue, but you should set the minimum version to 1.2 because many browsers today bark at TLS 1.1 or even 1.0. 

I would try with TCP if that works. Then check if the device is able to pull the configuration template with TLS/HTTPS. That would mean that the TLS version is not the problem. If SIP/TLS does not work its probably because Yealink does not send the SNI extension by default for SIP/TLS (it does for HTTP though) and the PBX is struggling to figure out what tenant is being used. If that is the case please make sure that the system management DNS address is set and has a valid certificate — this is the one the PBX sends when the Yealink base wants to use TLS for SIP.

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UDP works only with username and password, not with the MAC address. Firewall, I can register any other phone behind this firewall, just not the new batch of phones we recently ordered. The phone, base, simply doesn't react to the address of the domain weather is https://mydomain.com or http://mydomain.com. The certificate on the server is current. Unfortunately Yealink doesn't have any logs we can look at to determine what is wrong. 

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