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Yealink RPS and "pending"


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When we try to add a phone to yealink DMP, nothing happens. We have had it working before, and it just randomly stopped working today while trying to add a phone. Digging through the logs, I keep seeing lines such as

"RPS add 249ADxxxxxx domain xxx.xxx.com (4 pending)ⓘ"

The pending seems to count up the more I add and remove a device. Is there a limit to the number of API calls Vodia does in a given moment, or does it run on a cron job? Could you shed some light on the "pending"?

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Pending really just means that there are other requests that are not finished yet. I would turn on the logging for the web client to see any clue, like the wrong password or a firewall issue. There is no limit on how many requests are pending (they take only small amount of memory), but obviously this is something that eventually need to resolve. 

You can also always login to the Yealink management console and see if anything has reached the server. 

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