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No agent has phone registered, agent group with app use.


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Just came across this with a customer with power outage who had recently added the app usage as an option.

I normally use the "No agent has phone registered" logic to control what to do in a office power outage, where in the past this would divert off to a human answering service for this customer. 

I assumed as they all had apps registered it would not follow that logic, but as the app is not treated as an active registration when backgrounding it treats them as not registered, even though technically its capable of pushing though to the app. 

Is there any options I am missing to allow for this? for now I have just said to use "all primary agents are logged out" 





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I think the problem is limited to app registrations for mobile apps. They are kind of random, for example after receiving a call the connection is still active for a few seconds and it makes no sense to count them as registration. However registrations for PC based apps IMHO do count — it should not matter if someone works from home with Internet perfectly okay when the office has an Internet outage. Anyhow we'll adjust that mobile app dangling registration in the next release (69.0.4).

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In V68 regular extensions can be a member of a call queue. For less.  Those using App Only licenses can also be queue members... this thread is about queue usage and using apps to manage outages, and the resolve seems to be update to V69 when it's ready .... but you've snuck a price increase in without anyone knowing.  I would obviously need to be able to advise our clients what they are going to get for this increase.

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