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Provision 800x480 resolution logo/wallpaper/background to Fanvil Phones


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Hi, in 68.0.28 the fanvil-sysconf.xml file is currently unable to correctly provision the 800x480 resolution background, on phones that use this resolution the template is currently trying to push the 800x400 resolution file called logo-fanvil3.bmp which is ignored by the phone since its the wrong resolution resolution.  Vodia has a 800x480 resolution file that it is capable of generating, I have even uploaded a custom image under logos but its not called for in the sysconf.xml template so i can't access it.  I would like to modify the sysconf.xml file so that I can correctly assign the 800x480 resolution logo to phones like the X7 and i53w which are currently trying to use logo-fanvil3.bmp.  Could you tell me what is the generated file name for the 800x480 Fanvil logo so I can edit the xml accordingly so that my phones will pull the correct resolution wallpaper please?  Thanks. 

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Do you mean the template anvil-sysconf.xml? 

    {elif model == "X5U" || model == "X5S"}
    {if bgimage:picture:fanvil4 == ""}
    <AutoEtcUrl>{get app_bgimages}/fanvil4.bmp</AutoEtcUrl>
    <AutoEtcUrl>{https-url}/{get bgimage:picture:fanvil4}/logo-fanvil4.bmp</AutoEtcUrl>

If there are models missing, you could just add or just change them there?

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yes thats correct, I want to add Fanvil phone models that use the 800x480 resolution image instead of the 800x400 resolution image, but I don't know what the bgimage filename is called. 

for example, for 800x400 the template calls for this file:     "fanvil4.bmp"     so i want to know what is the filename for the 800x480 picture since its not currently included in the fanvil-sysconf.xml file but its in the Logo upload section so we know Vodia built a framework to generate an 800x480 resolution image for Fanvil phones but just didn't include it in the sysconf file.  Should be easy enough for me to add to the template if i know what the image filename is. Thanks. 

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the X7 and i53w use 800x480 resolution, the way you have the template now it tries to push an 800x400 resolution wallpaper to the phone which is not accepted by the phone, so i just wrote in a manual IF model X7 or i53w and pushing my own bmp file hosted locally since I dont know the vodia generated bmp filename .  I'd rather correct the template to use the vodia generated wallpaper if i knew it's filename.  

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