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Diversion header options


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Hi There

I think this is more of a bug, but would like to see if you can fix it on next release:

when using diversion header "Other" there is no option to actually input the format of diversion header and when doing PCAP it is displayed as:

Diversion: <SIP:{-}>

I was able to manually adjust this in TXT editor, but it gets changed everytime.


Can you make "Other" with option to input the format of the header - same as on FROM, TO, PAI... custom fields?

I asume it should allow us to input something like this: <sip:{ext-ani}@domain.com> - there might be also an issue as you already include <SIP:> part








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the problem with RFC is that it doesn't send it out correctly. 

It sends out in format phonenumber@mypbxmaindomain.com and my provider requires diversion header to be sent out in format phonumber@providerdomainname.com, hence I need to manipulate it

unless there is a way to change my PBX to respond with provider domain name (sip-spark.co.nz)

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Hi there

I can see you have implemented the change in the latest version which is great, however when testing it was still sending it in wrong format.

Please note we are on multitenant setup and sharing single trunk between multiple tenants

diversion header I am getting is:

Diversion: <sip:extension@tenantdomain.co.nz>;reason="unconditional"

it should be: <sip:extensionani@trunkdomain.co.nz>;reason="unconditional"


should I log a case or can we proceed here?





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Ok it makes sense to use the ANI when possible. There is a little problem with how to present the number in the right format; we'll use the trunk setting for that which should be okay in most cases (the SIP trunk world would be easier if everyone just uses the +-notation). 

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