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Parking Calls


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About eight months ago our call parking feature stopped working. I am just getting around to it now, but the feature stopped working in November of 2006. It used to be that to park a call we would just put the call on hold, then press *85 and the extension of where the call was intended to be parked (*8511 for example). The call would then be parked on extension 11. Now however, when a call comes in we put it on hold, press *8511 and instead of sending the parked call to extension 11, a recorded message tells us "Parking Call Failed", and then goes to dial-tone. The caller is still on hold, but they stay on the line they called, instead of being switched to extension 11.

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Currently we are running After the initial problem began, we tried to upgrade to, but when we tried to run the executable a blank DOS window popped up, remained on screen for several seconds, then went away. When we checked back to see if the upgrade had taken, it remained at version, and we continue to have the call parking issue. We did not want to spend the money for the upgrade to version 2.0 if there was a good chance it wouldn't work.

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the is not an installer, rather a service executable ..


rename it to pbxctrl.exe and overwrite the existing c:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\pbx\pbxctrl.exe


you have to stop the service to get permission to overwrite it ..



BTW, make a backup copy, just in case ...





make sure you have the park feature set to "strict" .. if it is set to loose, it will reject calls parked to an extension and want just vanilla *85 and *86 .,




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