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Windows App call handling


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During a call there are options - Mute, Hold, Transfer, Conference, Dial Pad, Record, Park, Chat and Notes 

Most work as expected, however, transfer is blind transfer only and doesn't hold the call first, Park does nothing. 

The conference button seems to tangle everything up.  The message says '... you are the first participant in the conf, please hold the line'  and plays some tones.  The conference room says there are 2 calls (my ext. and the other) but nothing shows in the room status.  I cant dial any other participants, if I put on hold to dial a number it puts my extension on hold. 

I can use the conference if I transfer calls to it through the normal transfer process.

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For park, please drag the active call on the right to a park orbit, usually shown in the center.

The transfer button or dragging the active call on the right to an extension box both do blind transfer.

For attended transfer, simply hold the call in order to make the next call for consulting first before the transfer. Then you can drag that active call to the held call box below to complete the transfer IF the person says okay transfer the call to me.

Yes, transfer got a little messy there, we will do it differently with the 69 coming out.



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I hear you on the points raised in the first post, I was attempting to use 68 more to see if even 68 was viable it's kind of not, unless you spend heaps of time educating the users on its quirks. It's a shame as this being polished could be a real draw card. 

I found when you answer a call and then hold it, you can drag that call and drop it on the end user (blind) no problem. But if you hold the call then make a new call to the end user to speak to them first then end the call to drag the holding call to the person so it comes in as a new call it does nothing just ignores you and the call sits on hold you have to resume the call then drag it to the person.

Yeah you can drag the holding call to the active call for a inflight transfer but then there is no ring back or alert tone to know they were merged. 

Also when clicking the transfer button and then dragging the staff member across it drags the whole block of all the people, looks unprofessional. 

Also if you drag a holding call over to a staff member but then change your mind and take it back to the 'My calls' and let go the call just drops.....

Simple things like clicking the staff members profile pic/name should just default to calling them with the dots there available if you want to do something different. 

Its honestly a shambles.  V68 should be fixed up to be at a decent working state before you move on to 69.  It's like no one has actually used it when developing it? lol.






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