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To connect two pbxnsip systems together

Juan Acevedo

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My name is Juan Acevedo and I m a new member for today.


First I have nice results with PBXnSIP, for example I have one instalation handling 120.000 calls per month, Is terrific.


My point is: I need to connect PBXnSIP systems working togheter, I have defined in each system a SIP registration Trunk toward the other system and one extension number to accept the registration of the other system. I call these trunk "cross trunk"


The systems get register each one in the other one, and I Have defined dial plans in each in order to make calls between the systems, the calls goes fine from one system to another, including the extension number of the calling party, using the $u option in the explicit remot party ID. This features carries the extension number but it does not carry the extension name originates the call. This is the first topic I need to solve.


The second one is more important:


I have just one SIP Gateway to PSTN, registered to one of the systems, when a call incomes is drived to AA of his own system and from there I need that the caller can dial directly to any extension of the other system thet does not have SIP gateway to PSTN. The caller dials the extension number wich acoording with the dial plan must drive the call to the other system, at log I can see the system recieves the DTMF code to get the extension but the call remains in silence and PBXnSIP does not make nothing with this dialed extension number.


At the "cross trunk" I have defined in the system receives the call I have set "visible in all dial plans but does not make any diference.


I will appreciate all the suggestions can make me.


Best Regards

Juan Acevedo

Medellin, Colombia


P.D: If anybody want to email me in spanish, my email is: consultorit@umi.com.co, I fact I will be happy in to exchange experiences with another PBXnSIPers Spanish speakers.

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If you are connecting two PBX avoid auto attendants. You can usually directly dial into a specific extension and there is no need to two-stage dialling.


In the latest version we added the possiblity to keep the original From-/To-headers so that it is easier to keep the routing information when using several PBX linked together. But we still don't have a good stable release with this.

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