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inbound faxes are timing out after 5 min


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I'm having an issue with large inbound faxes. When there are many pages (10 or more) and the inbound fax call is more than 5 minutes, the call is disconnected. 

Build: 68.0.32

The extension type is set to mailbox only.

Voicemail call duration is set to unlimited under domain settings. 


Taking a look at the logs, I found this: 


These are the duration timing logs - notice after 5min:


The PBX is disconnecting the call.

Is there a timeout setting we're missing? 

Thank you.

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On 2/5/2024 at 4:47 PM, Vodia support said:

You can try 69.2.1.beta

Thank you for releasing this beta. But we're on 68.0.32 and much prefer staying on v68x for other reasons. If you guys decide to also improve v68's faxing, please let me know. 

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On 2/2/2024 at 4:57 PM, jvoiptel said:

I don't see that as an option for mailbox type. We set it as Mailbox Only

If you have v 68.0.32 then you should have this feature in the mailbox tab if it's a regular extension. I didn't see you mention using this option so i attached an image of how it should look like



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7 hours ago, Vernon said:

you should have this feature in the mailbox tab

Thanks Vernon for catching this! I change the Mailbox setting to FAX under mailbox enabled tab and tested again. This time, the call did not disconnect and a 50-page document delivered just fine in about 43 minutes.

I appreciate the help. The "maibox enabled" is confusing because you would think it's 0 or 1, not 0,1 and FAX 🙂 I would put FAX under Extension Feature Set. I think we're good here now. Thanks again. 

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