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OCS R2 almost working


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I never tried OCS so this might not be how it is suppose to work..


But if I place a call from my cell phone to my desk phone (termination to pbxnsip)

I do get the communicator pop up.. very cool (contact was set in registration tab)


However if I answer the call in Communicator the indication says 'In Call'. However if i answer the call in pbxnsip it does not relay the 'In Call' to OCS..


is this proper?


Other than that I love how tightly integrated this is.

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Hi nexSIP, :)


at the moment this is normal, cause OCS and pbxnsip do not exchange presence information about the clients! But it is possible, if pbxnsip really wants to implement this.


Look at the Snom 3xx OCS edition phone! With the special firmware the standard SIP phone can register natively on OCS (also R2 and Edge) like a Communicator. OCS Presence and a lot more works fine.


But at the same time you can have another identity registered at pbxnsip, Cisco Call Manager, Nortel, etc..., everytime you pick up the phone the OCS identity will populate "you are in a call" to the OCS-cloud.


The Snom OCS Edition support both presence systems: OCS and pbxnsip :)


If pbxnsip like to implement this, simply talk with each other and ask your colleagues Oliver, Tim and William at Snom HQ, Berlin :)


Best regards,



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So with the OCS edition are you saying i register SIP to pbxnsip any my presense to OCS?


I tried to register to OCSr2 directly and kept getting certificate errors even though the certificate is 1024 bits.



I am just looking for a way to sell snom phones with pbxnsip hosted and migrate (if needed) to snom with OCS hosted.

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the just needs to relay presense information to OCS is all. such as "on the phone"


Everything else works great. When my SIP phone rings my OCS pop's up and I can redirect the call just fine and all. its pretty neet. It would just be cool if i could use OCS communicator to see when I, or others, are on the phone.


thats the only thing missing.

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It seems odd that pbxnsip goes 98% of the way to OCS integration and doesnt get the presense complete as you would expect OCS to behave (on call presense indication)




Maybe if we ask nicely pbxnsip will finish it up? ;-)


(the xlite presence nearly works too and when it does i'm pretty impressed)


At this moment I don't need it but i can see clients asking for it and it would be nice to have it working.



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Hi nexSIP, :)


you wrote:

I tried to register to OCSr2 directly and kept getting certificate errors even though the certificate is 1024 bits.


Did you tried to register directly to an OCS Standard, Enterprise Frontend, Director or Edge -Server? With wich port did you tried this? I run Snom OCS edition registered @ STD and @ Edge Server Role.


Certificate error sounds like an MTLS instead of an TLS connection is tried to setup. But normally MTLS is only between Server Roles + Federations, by default OCS simply ignores Client Certificates from OC, Tanjay or Snom. But the client must trust the certificate presented by the OCS Server (STD,Ent-FE, Director or Edge).


Best regards, :)


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Hi nexSIP,


the MS Supportability Guide states:


PKI Support

A PKI (public key infrastructure) is required. Certificates that are issued from the following types of CAs (certification authorities) are supported, depending upon the requirement:

• Certificates issued from an internal CA

• Windows Server 2003 SP1 Enterprise CA (recommended)

• Windows Server 2003 SP1 Standalone CA (supported, but not recommended)

• Certificates issued from a public CA

Communicator Web Access MTLS certificates must be issued by the same CA that issued the MTLS certificates for the Office Communications Server 2007 server or servers.



Office Communications Server 2007 will support certificates with a length of up to 1024 bits.


Office Communications Server 2007 server certificates must be configured with an enhanced key usage (EKU) extension for server authentication.


You can download it here Support Guide


This is complety contrast to the statement in the Edge Server Deployment Guide:


KeyLength = 1024 Must be a power of 2 between 1024 and 4096, inclusive


But the Supportability Guide was published later and includes life experience from e.g. Microsoft Field Engineers and Consultants. I guess this document is more up to date and their were issues with more than 1024 bit certificates. I dont know what kind of problems that might be.


If you follow the Support Guide very strict, your expensive 2048 bit UCC certificate is at minimum not supported, at maximum not (fully) compatible with OCS.


Just test all official clients (OC, AC, Outlook (also Play On Phone), Communicator Mobile, Communicator Web Access, Tanjay (!) and check if all work together with your 2048 certificate. Maybe you can renew the certificate during time of contract, like offered by digicert.


Best regards


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