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Strange Behavior


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We have a customer who has reported a problem with their system. When a call comes into a central huntgroup, a member of staff answers the call "Hello Company XX....", the caller then replies "Hello.." but is cut short, and the caller is then immediately connected to someone else - who answers "Hello Company X". They claim they could reproduce this behavior. The two members of staff who answer the call (and answer it again) are members of the same hunt group, and have individual extensions.


I have enabled full logging on the PBX and will try and get them to reproduce these problems next week, backed up by logfiles.


Any ideas? It's like some kind of race condition or something?


(Its V2 btw)

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Same domains, no IP conflicts.


I 'think' (and this has happened before) - it's conflicting call forwarding on both the System and the Snom phones.


e.g. System has redirect after 10s to extension 100, while phone says goto extension 200 after 10s. I'm not sure - it baffled me... Logging is on full, so next time it happens I should have a SIP trace.

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