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Active Sync Addressbook synchronization stops because of missing "+" prefix

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I wondered, why new contacts were missing in the private address book. 

looking into the log of the pbx (version 69.3 (Win64)), I found a message while the sync runs: " pbx-vodia Cannot convert number 49172XXXXXX0 into global format (country code 49)"

While I agree it might be ok that the pbx complains about the number format, it surely should not stop it from skipping the entry, and continue with the next record? But it does exactly this. I added the "+" as prefix to this entry and redid the sync. Now all records were fetched successful.

I think this is a bug which needs to be addressed. As a workaround instead of fixing the problem maybe an email could be dispatched to the user or administrator.

Btw, the active sync bug which I found a while ago is still present in the this release: If the amount of folders in a Mailbox exceeds the number X the sync will just die. See here:

Edit: I am running Exchange on Premises, not hostet, no o365.

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normally, I would post just a "bump" (bring up my post), but it is still on top in this subforum anyway.

Maybe, this is the wrong subforum? - I did not find any better location.

Or is nobody using AS to integrate his Addressbook in to the pbx?



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