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Copy or forward VM from mailbox


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When you are listening to a message you are supposed to be able to press 1 and copy or forward the message to another mailbox. When I try doing this I just get dead air, or it goes back to the main mailbox menu. I have a client that wants this feature, but I need to get it working first. Can anyone help?


No, when you are listening 1 is rewind backwards. You have to press "6" to move or copy it. Then you get into a special menu. Make sure you have the latest WAV files; there are some new prompts; if you don't have them you'll hear digital silence (there will be a LOG message about this).

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I would also like to have the ability to move/forward VM to a different mailbox. Howver, my preference would be to use the console login or user login and have a drop down menu of other extensions with associated names so my receptionist does not have to type the extension for a staff member and use 6 phone key strokes just to transfer one VM. Our receptionist uses the forwarding VM task frequently. Although we have appropriate options in our autoattendent with nested IVRs, people still leave most messages on the general VM box. The benefit of IP PBX is the ability to digitize VM and move them. Is this currently available or a future option? We are using Snom 820 phones and would like to change over to SnomONE.



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