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Agent Group extension that picked up a call

Santiago Londoño

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We are trying to find the extension that just picked up a call received at an Agent Group.

The PBX notifies us via SOAP when a call came into the Agent Group and when the call was connected, but these messages do not say anywhere which extension picked up the call. (Maybe this data should be contained in the Extension node of the SOAP message, when the state of the call is connected?). We have also tried querying the PBX database to get all the information available in the calls table, but we don't see where the extension could be.


Making use of some programming and SIP buttons, we have been able to "guess" the extension which picked up the call, however, we feel that this way is not 100% reliable. Has anyone found a better way to get this data?

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Digging into the forum I've found the answer to this question:


"At the moment only indirectly. You can for example monitor the extension status for that agent."


I think it would be nice if you can add the extension that picked up the call to the SOAP message issued when a calls connects to an extension of the Agent Group.

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