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first CS410 install: what problems will I have?


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Just would like those who've installed and use cs410 and have some experience let me know what issues I can expect with a cs410 in real life. ;-)


I'm "fiddling" with one but may need to put one at a client soon.


My advice:


Keep in mind this is a small embedded system. So: be careful with large hunt groups, transcoding, recording. In other words, use G.711 and keep groups small.


FXO is always a tricky part. Depending on carrier, caller-ID and hangup this will require some fiddling...


Well, and this is Linux. If you need to do anything advanced, get Putty ready.


And if you plan to run it on public IP, don't forget to change the default password also on the Linux.


We are using it every day.

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