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Forwarding to External Numbers


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Using Version: (Win32)


I have a need for using an ACD to dial external numbers whether cell or landline. Is this possible?


I also have the same requirement for a Hunt Group. Is this possible?


We have 2 divisions with seperate employees and need to be available 24x7 for calls.


The scenario for the ACD is-

Customer calls the 800 # assigned to ACD which is for Hosting Support. This needs to route to 3 engineers cell phones, first available picks up.


Hunt Group is-

Customer calls local # assigned to HuntGroup which is for IT Support. This needs to ring engineer 1, then 2 if no answer and so on.


Any help would be appreciated

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On the hunt group we have this feature already in version 4 (beta, beta, beta). You can forward to the cell phone of one's extension, ask the user to acknowledge with the "1" and you can also put regular PSTN numbers into the hunt group stages. So far so good, once that is stable we'll move on and use the same stuff for the ACD.

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