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PSTN lines and the CS410 FX ports


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Well out here in Scrub brush and tumbleweeds of West Texas, when it ocassionally rains, or if it the wind quits blowing, the constant assualt on the phone system causes static on the POTS lines...


It seems that the little CS410 is interperting this as an incomming call...the analouge phone does not ring, it knows the difference between the 90v ring cadence and static (if the static is bad enough it will ocassionaly make a ding noise)...but alas the little box does not and I get phantom calls which never hang up.


This may not really be the problem, but this weekend it rained and it drove me nuts Saturday with static calls.


This causes the ports to hang and the only way to terminate the call is to break the connection from the box.


Also if you are not there to answer the call then you get lots of messages over the weekend with static on them and both ports are hung up..It seems like in the past there was a version of the software that had a test for an active line in the port setup...now all we have is the CPC pulse and line impedence, it would be nice if there was some way for the port to really know if a real ring voltage was present on the port, instead of just a change of voltage.


Usually about a couple of times per week I get the no service message and have to unplug both lines to get the ports to hang up.


This has been going on for a while now, I just had some time to whine... <_<

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This causes the ports to hang and the only way to terminate the call is to break the connection from the box.


If you are using the auto attendant then you can set the hangup time to a relatively short time, so that the PBX hangs up relatively quickly.


Yea, I love digital lines. Analog is just so much pain.

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