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Feature Request: Restart service from web page

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I'd like to request a way to restart the pbx service from the webpage. Sometimes I don't have full access to the OS, just the PBX Admin page. Having a way to restart the service from there would be helpful.


In the later versions we actually have something. Officially it will be a 4.0 feature, but AFAIK it is also in 3.3.


You can use it this way: When you are logged in as system administrator, enter a URL into the web browser that looks like this:




this will reboot the system on the next occation when there is no call active. If you want to reboot the system at midnight, you can use this one:




What the PBX does is simply terminate the process. Then the external monitoring script has to take care about the restart of the PBX. In Windows, the service manager has to do that job. In Linux, MaxOS and FreeBSD you will have to write your own little dirty supervisor program that automatically restarts the PBX after it terminated.

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