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i have a client using the hosted system.


he would like to accomplish the following:


1) he wants that his service provider should send all inbound calls to his pbx...then the system should automatically forward the call out over another trunk but not to a phone number, basically just pass the call through to his PRI which will take care of it from there.

2) he wants that when a user on the other end makes a phone call, the PRI should send the call out to pbxnsip and then pbxnsip should send it out with the caller id that sent the call originally.


im not sure if i have explained myself clearly so if anyone needs any clarification then please let me know asap if can this be done?

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The PBX is a PBX... We don't plan to change it's nature. :)


Anyway, as long as your clients wants to have a fixed DID/ANI per extension (which would be a trunk for him), it should be easy. The session border controller makes it a pretty useful setup, as you don't have to buy another external one. However, on the billing side you will have to invest something. You can usually use the CDR from the PBX, as long as the customer does not tra to transfer calls. Maybe it would be useful to turn off transfers so that the trunk is a "dumb" trunk just like you get it from the big switches today.

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