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Large Analog Installation


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Large Analog Installation

Is anyone here using PBXNSIP with alot of analog phones with a high density gateway.

We are looking at using PBXNSIP in a school with 50 analog phones in the classrooms and 20 IP phones for the staff. Being able to keep the analog phone means no additional wiring to the classrooms. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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We about an installation where a lot of PAP2 were used over the Internet. If you keep them in the LAN, things should be even easier.


I'm not looking to install 50 ATA's but a high density AudioCodes or something. I just figured someone has already done this maybe in a hotel or a school.

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I have used the Audiocodes MP11X series for up to 8 analog phones with no issue..


You can quote this using the AC MP124 which is a 24 port fixed FXS gateway approx $1300 or so street price ..



or you can use the Audiocodes Mediant 1000 (M1K) and this takes up to 6 modular 4 port FXS modules ..


the M1K is closer to $2300 street, has a metal rackmount chassis and is almost the exact GUI to the MP124 ..


You should have no issues recommending this concept to your customer ..




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