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Ring loop


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Hi there,


I have a small qeustion, wondering if its a human error or maybe a small bug.


I have the following setup for a customer.


The customer have 5 Trunks.

1 main trunk have these settings (the main phone number)


(the phones used are)

2x Snom 320 + keypad extension.

5x Siemens C470

2x Siemens S685


The following happens.

When you call the main line.

The first two phones that will ring are the 2 Snom320 phones.

When those arnt picked up in 10 seconds the next fase will kick in.

That is the 2 snom phones and 1 siemens C470 phone

When there is still no pickup after 10seconds the 3th fase kicks in

That will be the Snom 320 phones and all the other siemens phones. (see screenshots of the fase setup).


When someone picks up the phone then it keeps ringing and never stops until the other calling side hangs up.


When i change the last fase to the 2nd fase everything goes fine.


So i wonder is this something with the PBX or something with the telephones ?


The PBX version we use is (Win32)


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That is definitely not okay. It also has nothing to do with the trunk.


It would be interesting to see the SIP traffic between the PBX and the phone that does not stop ringing. Maybe you can filter the traffic (in the log section, SIP) by the IP address and attach it here (INVITE, CANCEL and the responses that have the same Call-ID).

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