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Active Directory integration for extension setup?

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Is AD in the plans for the future anytime?


Just talked to a prospect that wondered.


It is somewhere on the list. There are two topics: one is the directory integration (address book); some SIP phones support that alredy and there is no need to do that from the PBX. The other topic is the automatic setup of accounts; this is a lot more complex and IMHO questionable if the PBX should automatically create accounts. Many questions remain, for example what extension number, what dial plan, plug and play. So even if the PBX set the account up automatically, there are still things the admin needs to set up manually.

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I appreciate that feedback.


If there was the concept of an inactive user in pbxnsip, AD could create an inactive user safely. (that would not count towards licensing)


Actually as I understand you could easily "extend" AD with several more objects such as extension number, dialplan and pnp info for each AD user. I think this would be the way.



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