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PBXnSIP fading out???


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Is it just me that have the impression that PBXnSIP company and software is fadins out... Their is not mutch activities on the forum and not release since several mounts... V 4.0 hase not showed any public info since past may...


That is not my impression...


Slower releases can also be seen as a sign of better stability. :D And if a forum had many answered threads which are in the search engines people don't have to raise questions twice.


Version 4 is not just about increasing the version number. Seems like other vendors believe that versioning is a marketing instrument...

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I run a microsoft gold partner that works with multiple soft-ippbx's. (writting a book on soft ippbx too if that helps ;-)


I agree that lots of versions is often a sign of a new product.


Lot's of questions can be a couple of things: untrained channel/resellers, immature software with issues or a product with features missing that a lot of people need. Or it could just be a product with massive amount of users too.


I've worked with several ippbx's and I can say that pbxnsip is rock solid. The code is obviously managed by someone with good quality assurance and engineering standards. You can install pbxnsip and just about forget about like a good old blackbox pbx. (but don't forget about it ;-)


On the engineering level keep some of these things in mind: pbxnsip has an install file that is about 16MB, when running pbxnsip has few dependencies on the OS making it quite resilient, pbxnsip only uses one windows service that for 20 extensions takes about 50MB of ram! Upgrading is a matter of dropping one .exe file into a directory--5 minutes. All of these things speaks of elegant design in my mind.


Feature wise pbxnsip has the features that people moving from traditional pbx's want. And the features work.



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