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Caller ID with CBeyond conflict with Forwarding


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I installed CBeyond SIPconnect exactly per the wiki. The Caller ID being sent out is the BTN for all calls, unless I enter it in an account (which is almost always necessary). Then the outgoing caller id for every phoneis the ANI for whatever account holds the BTN. I solved this by creating an account with the BTN as the extension and entering a bogus ANI number. Now the correct ANI goes out for each extension. The trouble is that if anyone forwards their phone to an external number, callers get a "number is disconnected" recording. This is devastating. At this moment, I have to choose one or the other and it is making the install look really hokey.


I am using Cisco 7960s but this holds true even if I use x-lite, so it doesn't seem to be a config file issue.


What is the correct config for getting phone specific ANI to go out per station? As I said, I followed the wiki and used the info provided by CBeyond's cut sheet. It seems I am registering somehow as a single DID with them, rather than as a PBX. HELP

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hey mario when i look at:




i see that the config specifically states the did number assigned by cbeyond is what will be displayed on outbound calls


the config in place as a work around is working by chance at the moment


i dont think there is a known config in place to make the registered cbeyond trunk act like a conventional sip trunk where dids are passed like in a tdm pri


there seems to be some kind of implied sip identity on the trunk that goes against the functionality you are seeking


this is probably no different then most registered trunks as its more like a u.a. end point service then a switch on the customer side


i think pbxnsip engineering needs to look at this and clarify the exact supported functionality so there is no doubt about what can be expected when using this service provider

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Here is the link to the integration..... I am wondering if I were to change to Proxy or Sip Gateway that it would make a difference. Atila has been great in working that hack for me but I dread dealing with th ecustomer on this...I would think pretty much anybody doing DIDs would have had this issue and that it should be fixed or at least well-known..I am in a jam to get this fixed asap..all help is appreciated. Atila, I will run some call tests today and get more specific about inter-office as opposed to external callers....

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Well, the core problem is that the service provider does not want to present any caller-ID. Otherwise you could easily indicate that the call comes from the White House...


We introduced a "hack" for this, where we show the caller-ID of the original call with a new header:


Related-Call-ID: j3j45234j52@


Then the service provider correlates that ID and "clears" the indication of the caller-ID. That is a pretty clean way of solving the problem.


So far AFAIK only callcentric supports it.

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