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Multiple missed call emails on Hunt Group


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We use a Hunt Group to send calls to our technical support group. We ring a number of extensions and if no one answers then we go to a dedicated extension to leave a message. This extension has the email flag set to, "Send email on missed calls:". The problem is that when a user calls and goes to the voicemail prompt and then abandons before leaving a message we get two emails sent to the email address listed. If the caller leaves a message then we get 1 missed call email and the voicemail in an email with attachment.


I would expect to get the one missed call email on calls where the caller leaves no voicemail and no missed emails on calls where the caller leaves a voicemail. Any I missing something here?


Any help is gratefully accepted.





IPacket Networks

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what are the 2 emails in the problem case? are they same?


Yes they are identical. I edited out caller specific data in the exanple below.


As I stated we get two of these on every missed call unless the caller leaves a voicemail, then we get one.








Missed Call from WIRELESS CALLER (+1850xxxxxxx)





seychelles@ipacketnet.com ✆

to support


show details 7:01 PM (11 hours ago)



Missed Call from WIRELESS CALLER (+1850xxxxxxx)


You missed the following call:


From: WIRELESS CALLER (+1850xxxxxxx) (click +1850xxxxxxxx to call back)

To: IPN Support Day Mailbox (998)

Time: 2009 12 19 19:01:36



This email was sent because your account settings have "send missed call" turned on. Please note that some Email clients may suppress the click-to-dial link.


Do not reply to this Email. It was sent automatically.

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