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is it okay to put a 7 minute long file for Music On Hold ? or the longer the file themore memory it will use up?

also whats the best format to have it in?


7 minute means 128 kbit/s times 7 * 60 seconds = 6.7 MB. That is okay. The first time the PBX might have a little hickup (jitter), but the subsequent calls to the MoH file will be smooth because the PBX keeps it in memory.

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If its running on a PC type hardware is this similar?


Well, the jitter might come from allocating the 7 MB; not from reading hte file (that happens in the background). Usually, the jitter should be pretty small. Especially on a PC. A embedded platform with 128 MB and no swap space might be more jitter to the level you can notice.

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