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Naming of domains

Vodia PBX

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In a recent discussion, some folks complained that the name "domain" is inapropriate and should be changed to "PBX". Originally, the name "domain" came from DNS, because that is the way SIP works (like email). If you want to address a specific user cluster, you have to use a domain name in the request URI, similar to what you put behind the @ in the email address or what you use when you enter a resource name in the web browser.


Renaming the "domain" to "PBX" would cause a major disruption because the name "PBX" is actually already taken and we would have to go through the web interface, the documentation and yes also through this forum and rename every occurance of "PBX" into "system" (or whatever we will choose as new name).


IMHO this would cause such a huge chaos that it would take years to get this name straight again. My vote goes for "no".

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i will say that "domain" trips up most that come to pbxnsip at first.


I won't say it wouldn't be big work to change. But ease of use cannot be over looked either. You could use domain/pbx in interim? just thots.


The other proposal we heared would be "tenant". That might be better and we don't get confusion with the word "PBX".

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