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Snom 370: Button, Park orbits

MarkW S7

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I have a Snom 370 utilizing two park orbits on buttons 1 (ext 973) and 2 (ext 974). When on an active call there's a few things I'd like to see different or have explained.


1. On an active call I press Park 1, the IVR then says "Your call has been parked on orbit 973" and then parks disconnects. The screen shows *85973.

- Can I remove the Park Orbit notification?

- Can I not have the star code shown? (this is a very minor question and not a complaint)


2. When I want to retrieve a call that is on one of the park orbits I press the Park 1 Button.

- The caller id for the active call shows *601111539 (retrieved park id?) This is confusing my customer's receptionists. Can this be modified or removed?


If it helps these park orbits are set up as standard extension accounts with the mailbox enabled as park orbit. Also the extension accounts have the "Explicitly specify park orbit preference" listing both orbits and the "Explicitly specify pickup preference" listing both orbits in attempt to address the above items.


Thanks for any help or advice


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Yea, the same problem happens when you use speed dial, you see the speed dial number but not the real number and name. It is not as inconvenient as the park/pickup, but technically the same problem. There is a SIP standard for that (poorly supported, though) and we use it. We need to verify we are really sending it out.


As for the IVR annoucement that the call was parked, IMHO that is a feature. If the user is very busy, he can just start the next call and the PBX will play the annoucement while that call is on hold, in other words you wont hear it.

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