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Setting ANI on Huntgroup does not Work.

Wim van Ommen

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I tried these settings as the are described on the www.pbxnsipsupport.com site (below the ------)


I am using (Linux)


I have a Huntgroup that has my mobile as the final stage.

I set the ANI to a number that is valid on my trunk.

If I call from an internal phone to the Huntgroup, a call comes through on my mobile but not with the ANI I set on the Huntgroup, but with the global ANI.

If I call from an external number the pbx does try to call my phone, but instead of using the ANI I set on the Huntgroup, I see in the log that it tries to setup a call from the external number to my mobile.

This would be brilliant if my provider would allow it, but they don't.

My impression was that setting the ANI on the Huntgroup would resolve this.

Is this a bug? How can I get this to work the way I want to?


Final Stage and Dial Plans

If you want to redirect the call at the final stage to an outside number (e.g. a contact centre answering calls on your behalf), then you should assign a dial plan to the hunt group OR use the domain default.


Calls will be routed off the hunt group and out to the dial plan when the final stage is met.


You can even set the ANI for each hunt group so that the contact centre can recognise the calling Hunt Group.

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I guess on the trunk you need to choose the mode "No Indication" where the RFC3325 is the default. Your service provider is probably not able to deal with RFC3325 indications.


We also added a Related-Call-ID header which might be used by the service provider to verify that this is a redirected call and no caller-ID spoofing. But of course almost nobody supports it.

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