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Call dropped when sent to Exchange

Tom Waterman

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Hello all, I am trying to get UM running on an exchange 2007 box. We have been working on this for almost a year of and on. I followed the setup guide and my voicemail calls go to the exchange server and then I see this error message in the event viewer:


The Unified Messaging server rejected an incoming call with the ID "01e3c6f6@pbx". Reason: "Cannot find a valid UM IPGateway for 10.xxx.xxx.xxx. A UM IPGateway must exist for 10.xxx.xxx.xxx and must be linked to the UM Server via a UM DialPlan/UM HuntGroup."


Has anyone ever seen this?


In the event viewer I also see:

The IP gateway or IP-PBX "PBX@DOMAIN.COM" did not respond to a SIP OPTIONS request from the Unified Messaging server. The error code that was returned is "0" and the error text is ":The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted".



The exchange server has a certificate on it. I backed the certificate up and imported it on the pbx which are on the same domain. But how do I get it in

the pbx software? I have it backed up as a .pfx file. I am not sure if the 2 itrems are related but I am dying to get this to work.


I would greatly appreciate any help.



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