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RC global trunks


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Global trunk vitelity in@pbx.company.com could not identify user for 7185696635 same here, running win32.


I did a quick try here. If I am using the "Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic" then it works; without that setting I also get not found.


We changed some things in the way the PBX treats trunks. Previously, the outbound proxy was also the inbound proxy. That caused a lot of confusion, so we decided to add an explicit setting for the inbound traffic. Seems for "normal" domain trunks that algororithm is backward compatible. But for global trunks it does not. Will further investigate; but setting the inbound addresses seems to be the solution for global trunks now.

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Put the address of the service provider into "Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic", for example "" or a DNS A/AAAA name like "sip.proxy.com".

Just upgraded again and put the address in the "Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic", still global trunk was not finding inbound users, so I downgraded again to (Win32)

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