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Items to be aware of when going to V4

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some of these are mentioned in the pbxnsip upgrade advisory, some are not:


#0 - backup your pbxnsip config and exe file.


#1-get your v4 key FIRST because your v3 key will not work. (schedule key request day before upgrade)


#2-note that v4 PNP will upgrade your snom phones to v8 when they reboot by default.

#2B - my experience was that some options in the snom "Menu" button did not work correctly until on v8.

#2C - note! you will no longer be able to press the ? button on snom phones to see the firmware version and IP address (rrgg) Now you have to press Settings > 5 >1

#2D - v4 pbxnsip will change the snom login password. (admin/password is new credentials). This will unhinge flexorCTI app or other such apps.


#3-My experience is that the WAC renders properly only on IE 8 (not IE 7)

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Before upgrading, make a backup of the working directory of the PBX. Then if anything goes wrong, you can always move back.


This will not help you with the firmware of the phones, though...

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