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Message Information - SIP NOTIFY


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Polycom Version

PBXnSIP Version (Win32)


The Polycom's have a nice feature to let you know what your message status is in your vmail box.


Seen a problem with the information staying up to date and was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue. Or could answer if it is a Polycom problem or PBXnSIP NOTIFY issue.


With three saved messages and no new or urgent messages in the voice mail box, the display on the phone shows the following when you press the messages key:


1. Urgent: 0

2. New: 0

3. Old: 0


It would seem the ?Old? count should show three (3).


When a new message arrives, the counts are all updated to the proper values:


1. Urgent: 0

2. New: 1

3. Old: 3


But as soon as the new message is read, all the counts go to zero! Even though there remains now 4 messages in the voice mailbox.


Any thoughts where we should start to troubleshoot this one. Grab a trace and post it to the forum or has this been seen before?




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