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is there a way to trap for certain events?


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For example, if there is an outgoing call between say 1am and 6am i want an email to the pbxnsip admin AND my cell phone. I want to specifiy what is sent: ip address of extension, extension #, number attempted, etc.


This is just an example. Basically ability to trap for a combination of events and send an email to someone other than the admin when that trap is triggered.



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for example: i want to get an update when someone ATTEMPTS to dial a certain Pattern. I have a dial rule that wont let them, but how do i get notified when someone TRIES?


Whow, you mean the dial plan already blocks it? Is that a realistic use case? In an office environment I don't see the use of reporting someone for dialling a forbidden number... Maybe you can explain a real-life case where it would make sense to get a report on that...

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Rather than letting the dial plan block the call, accept the call redirect them to the error extension, play the "BAD BOY" message and let the mailbox send an email to the designated email address and voila'. A CDR will be created that identifys the caller. Might that work?


Maybe a FAKE IVR will recieve the errant calls and trigger the alerts...


Being in the IT business, we have a List Server, that processes all alerts from all client devices and systems and parses the subject lines and body content with boolean if-then-else logic and can forward alerts or emails or generate new emails and sends to the designated persons.

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