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Dial plan basic best practice


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Does a list of sample dial plan best practices exist?


replace all 7 digit dialing with 10 or 11 digit dialing and a default area code.

add a 1 to all 10 digit dialing.

suggestions to block all international dialing. (allow only 11 digit or less dialing)

allow only a designated internally country code that a client may call.

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We had a few examples on the old Wiki (now kiwi.pbxnsip.com). Maybe it is woth adding a few more there.


A universal prompt for "this phone is not authorized to dial this number, please see your administrator." is needed then a Dial Plan 011* could replace and dial a certain error msg number to play this to the offender. Andy

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also, as i was asking for it was really be nice to have the administrator notified (via email) that ext. so and so tried xx dial plan.





This would have to be a match to a rule within a dial plan, not the entire dial plan.

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