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Yealink Phones Audio Problems


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I have read some past comments about audio problems with the Yealink phones. We have a site complaining of one way audio and fading in and out during calls and i wondered if anyone has any more experience with this. The handsets have G729a and G711a as their preferred Codec's (in that order) and the Account for each phone is set up the same way (G729a first then G711a). Likewise with the codecs on the SIP Trunks which also have "Lock Codec During Call" set to "NO".


The Yealinks have the latest June 2010 firmware on them.


Appreciate any advice on this as it is an urgent problem.

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Appreciate any advice on this as it is an urgent problem.


There was a firmware which had problems with G.729A, where you would hear the audio only after 8 seconds. This was last year, and there was a firmware update available that fixed the problem. Not sure if the latest firmware introduced a new problem.


In any case, make sure that you don't use STUN on the phone. STUN is usually an excellent source for such problems.


If the problem also exists with other phone, make sure you go through the checklist at http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/One-way_Audio.

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