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Route Calls to Exchange

Fred Gaston

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Did you see the stuff on the Wiki? http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Microsoft_Exchange Did it touch that topic.


2.1 has a new setting called "Assume that call comes from user" that is not covered by the Wiki page. It tells the PBX what account to charge if Exchange wants to initiate an outbound call from the trunk.


I have reviewed that document. Here's my scenario

1. I can dial UM prefix + UM AA = 7222 internally & get to UM AA just fine.

2. But when I have an incoming call via another trunk it can resolve a pbxnsip AA extension (500) but not 7222.

3. I imagine there must be a code that will redirect it via another trunk to Exchange & ext 222. Basically I want to send all incoming calls to 7222, regardless of the trunk, but the ITSP doesn't know what to do with 7222.


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