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Will Cisco SPA500 IP Phone work with PBXnSIP?

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Hi PBXnSIP Experts,

We are planning to install PBXnSIP softswitch to work with Cisco SPA500 series IP Phones.


Please let me know which model of PBXnSIP will support all features of Cisco SPA500 series phones?




We haven't tested here but perhaps this article can offer some clues.


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Hi Mr. X,


I have checked the link but this is more about to configure SPA900 series phones.

I am not sure whether SPA900 phones are compatible with respect to SPA500 phones when we talking about configuring it with PBXnSIP.

So can we conclude that SPA500 series phones do not work transparently with PBXnSIP?


Best Regards,

Vivek Batra

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