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Voicemail Indicator


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I seem to have a different issue.


In a system with approx 120 extension, only 20 extension within a range of extension number 260-280 when they receive a voicemail their light does not show up...I have tried *99 and rebooting multiple times with no help?


Any Ideas? We are running version Version: (Win32)


my only step is to check if they are running the same firmware as everyone else, I will post back about that shortly.

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Well, the setting is about suppressing the MWI, even if the phone subscribes for it. What you need is a entry in the registration overview on the bottom of the page. There is probably an entry for REGISTER, what we need is something for message-waiting.


If you manually set up phones, be prepared for a long (costly) learning curve. SIP phones are a far more difficult to set up than analog phones. You might save a few bucks on buying refurbished old Cisco phones, but it will cost you (and us all) a lot of time to get them working.

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