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sending special key\String through to a CDR


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I am making use of the SOAP interface to capture my CDR records to SQL. The inhouse system we are making use of uses Soft Phones and "Click to dial" to dial out by calling SIP:"NUMBER".I need to send a special key\String through some how that must get captured in the CDR to make it possible to link the CDR with the special key\String to my SQL database later on. for example when calling a number sending through the "Account Number"of the person being called from my system so I can check later on what calls was made to the "Account Number"


I have played with calling SIP:NUMBER :"Key\String" with limited success.


At the end of the day I need to be able to Link a CDR to a Account in My system.


Please could anybody please assist me.

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Some systems use username like number;extension=ext in the username. For example, the URI would then look like this: sip:9787462777;extension=123@domain.com;user=phone. It is a kind of stress test for the parser, but that is how SIP was specified.


The big question is how the PSTN gateway will react. If it ignores the parameter in the username you should be in a good shape.

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